Hi! Iím Alec Quig. I grew up in the weirdest city ever. Presently I am a student at Indiana University Bloomington, pursuing a degree in our Individualized Major Program called ďHorizontal Integration in the Arts.Ē In it, I get to take interesting classes, create my own prerequisites, befriend the good professors, and probably even graduate a semester early. With it, Iím learning to take an idea and run with it in music, art, film, design, and writing. When I graduate, I hope to somehow make enough money to survive by doing expatriate freelance work in each of these disciplines.

At the moment I live in a pretty typical college house on a picturesque, tree-lined street with six comedic roommates. There you will find me drinking Scottish import beer, reading one of the 200+ books Iíve procured from the Indiana University Library, or resentfully succumbing to homework. With fingers crossed, I hope to live and work in New York City this summer, study and live in Salvador da Bahia in Brazil next fall, and live and work in Italy next spring.

Although Iím interested equally in just about every sub-discipline of the broader artistic disciplines to your left, the most developed areas of this site will be print design, photography, and poetry. As time passes, I hope to eventually fill the others out. Usually, one might expect someone to be a businessman who dabbles in art for fun, but I am the opposite, and have also been cultivating a healthy interest in entrepreneurship for about a year. This is only a fitting closure to the circle of life: my mom is an artist and my dad a businessman.

Otherwise, I am a compulsive learner, mp3 downloader, and pizza eater. You can learn more about me than youíd probably care to in my blog of interesting and useful things (also, of course, to your left). In the likely event that we have similar interests or ambitions, or if you like my art, or if you want me to work for you, I strongly encourage you to drop me a line.

- Alec